Retail Tracking

The activities of RMD Research are primarily Retail Tracking – monitoring and analysis of retail sales.

Currently, this research is carried out on a panel of outlets, including both stationary stores – large area chains, specialized stores, and so-called e-commerce, i.e. online commerce carried out by online stores. In the future, it is planned to gradually expand the outlet panel with other retail channels, such as pharmacies, newsagents or independent grocery stores.

The innovative approach of ​​RMD Research is the integration of sales data from the auction platform with other data obtained from regular sales chains.

As a result of these surveys, conducted at regular intervals – monthly, weekly periods – electronic sales data are obtained at the level of the EAN code, showing sales, market shares, average prices and distribution of products in the examined types of stores.

The results of this research, giving detailed information about the retail market, have now become an indispensable tool for the sales or marketing departments of producers and distributors operating on the market.

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